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Sleep and Dream collaboration with Marta Forsberg, Anne Glassner, Anita Kaya, Johanna Nielsson and Agnes Schneidewind u.a.

Im_flieger sleep laboratory is a long-term project where artists from different disciplines share their practices dealing with phenomenas of sleeping and dreaming at different places, exploring specificities and inspirations of a certain place on their work.  

In sleep, the body withdraws from social norms and duties, transforming itself into an unproductive, vulnerable, irrational one. Mostly withdrawn into the familiarity of the private sphere and security of the home, identity and ego fade into dream states beyond temporal perception and reason. The sleeping body is present and absent at the same time, it is individual and collective, wild and gentle. Sleep is also silent resistance to over productivity and efficiency and as such is to be defended against increasing optimisation in the sense of neoliberal doctrines. The receptive sleeping body, and living in the paradox of dream images decelerates our common aloneness and opens up a sensual, intimate space. Concepts such as privacy and the public sphere are questioned, as well as the potential of sleep as a communal and regenerative experience in accelerating times: our human, more-than human and social bodies we live in appear to be exhausted, caught in self destruction and in need of space to dream, taking care and repair.  

After experiences in rural Austria in the last two years, Marta Forsberg, Anne Glassner, Anita Kaya and Agnes Schneidewind sleep walk through urban landscapes again 2023. In cooperation with the Artist Association DUM in Ljubljana and exchange with the DUM-Project Spaceand it’s surrounding, they re-activate their archive in this new context, live indoor and outdoor slowness, and dance with the dreaming body. After the one-week residency, they open their laboratory to the public for a sunset with movement practices, dream imagery and a good night sleep concert.  


Sleep Laboratory 1: HYPN- 21:35 – 04:41, A meeting between waking and sleeping, Im Flieger, Wien 2019

Eine Zusammenkunft zwischen Wachsein und Schlafen

Sleep Laboratory 2: Snoring peackocks in humming hammocks in Waldviertel, 2020

Sleep Laboratory 3: Stones sleeping next to honesty at Zaunreiter Akademie, 2022

Sleep Laboratory 4: Slovenia, Dum Project space, titles to arrive in another slow blue,  2023