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Silence Matters

silence matters.
artistic approaches towards awareness

silence matters is an international, interdisciplinary exhibition- and performance project. It dedicates its focus on the growing importance and potential need of awareness and mindfulness in our society, through artistic and scientific approaches.

The project aims to heighten the experience and knowledge about awareness and its research through and with contemporary art practices, such as: performance, sculpture, drawing, and sound.

silence matters puts emphasis on the individual perception, personal awareness, and the experience of time and duration. We hope to open new spaces and situations, in which the public and audience is invited to experience and enter this field of research together with the artists involved.


silence matters is a project initiated and realized by the Verein “Collaboration: interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit in Performance- und Kunstprojekten”.
Head of project and curator: Jasmin Schaitl
Co-Curator Anne Glassner