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Anne Glassner
Visual/Performance Artist

Anne Glassner is a visual artist and performer based in Vienna, Austria. Her performances, videos, installations and drawings deal with intensive observations of recurring, everyday acts. The theme of sleep has been a central point of her artisticwork for some time now, which she expresses, amongst other ways, through “sleep performances“, in which she allows others to observe her sleeping in unusual places. In her works she blurs the boundaries between art and life as well as fiction and reality, and she raises questions concerning selfperception and external perception as well as the intersections of the private and the public.



MMag. Anne Glassner

Atelier: WEST, Auggasse 2-6, 1090 Wien

phone: 00436649132591


Workshopseite: IKE - Institut für Kunst und Entschleunigung,

Alle Bilder sind urheberrechtlich geschütztes Eigentum von Anne Glassner/Bildrecht Wien. Die Rechte der Texte liegt bei den Autor*innen.