A sleep performance by Anne Glassner in the frame of the parallel events curated by Aldo Giannotti in Mambo museum, Bologna, 18th May 2021

The need for safety on one hand and security on the other, which has increased in the pandemic, is taken up by the artist Anne Glassner in order to transform the Mambo Bologna art space and Aldo Giannottis exhibition „Safe and Sound“ into an event location for contemporary and socio-political discourse in a so called "sleep performance". In a playful manner, Glassner focuses on the well-known weakest link of any security system, such as that of this museum, no matter how robust it may be, namely on the human subject: - in this case - the security guards who execute their duty to protect the artworks. In her sleep performance, the artist asks the following provocative question:

What if the security-unit sank into a fairy tale like slumber during the working and opening hours? By giving precise instructions for deep physical and mental relaxation, the artist uses tried and tested methods to guide the security officers into a state of sleep in order to capture the sculptural moments and surreal aspects of performative presence in the interplay with the art space Mambo Bologna. (Text: Laura Steiner/ photos: Ornella de Carlo)